Each of these characteristics of the curve will be

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Unformatted text preview: The The 2.5 volumetric llest patterned collectionTHE BOND-ENERGY CURVE characteristic angle between an atom or ionwas introduced its volume of a material per unitis most space. The bond-energyfractional change in Section 2.4.1. Several important macroscopic curve and two of in nearest neighbors. The term change material properties can used to describe from this curve. Specifically,in covalent often be obtained directly specific bond angles one can estiin temperature. ion at a lattice site that mate the bond energy, the average bond length, the elastic modulus, and the coefficient structures. removal of surface material as a result of wear The of thermal expansion. Each of these characteristics of the curve will be discussed in some detail in bond mechanical rather than chemical interaction. ergy electron band that is this section. energy The amount of energy required to move Recall that the function U can be interpreted as the amount of work done by the system is two atoms or ions to an infinite separation distance. It A together used to join two or, equivalently, the when two ions orwelding broughtprocessfrom infinite separation pieces of metal in atoms are equivalentbe supplied to theof thethe order toand awell.separate to the depth near bond-energy filler metal amount which the located in the shell that is of energy that must parent metal system in joint completely the atoms from bond-energy curvethe melt and of U well)x 0 , or to form a that one another. Therefore, (bond-energy x at the curve are heated until they magnitude mix togetherThe depth of s. the energy well, is a measure of the inherent strength of the bond, or the bond energy. describes theupon freezing. strong joint energy the equilibrium separation distance x0 correIn of secondary bond in addition, we have already pointed out that associated with a pair of atoms or ions as wire drawing process in which a metal two atoms ces another dipole in sponds bond-energylength.a functionAvariationdistance w...
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