Elements with comparatively high oves through a solid

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Unformatted text preview: y high oves through a solid in values of EN are said to be electronegative while those with comparatively low EN values electrostatic painting A spray-painting process in are termed electropositive. Another important quantity in determining the type of bond lectric field. which the paint particles and the surface being painted formed in a compound involving two types of atoms is the electronegativity difference, escribe materials that are able EN,are given opposite electrical charges so that the particles between the atoms. ding” rather than by fracture accelerate toward the target surface. en subjected to external loads. electrostriction The change in dimensions of a r plastic bumper on a car is | materiale-Text Mainon by an electric field. of Contents | brought Menu | Textbook Table a car window is not. More endurance limit Se The value of the stress amplitude s exhibit a high failure strain. in fatigue below which failure will not occur regardless of on temperature (DBTT) The the number of repeated load applications. of the fracture surface in a energy gap See band gap. crystallographic facets. The change in length of a specengineering strain perature corresponding to the imen or component divided by the original length. er and upper shelf energies in a engineering strain at fracture f The value of the strain when failure occurs. location that is formed v v motion of an edge dislocation es migrate to the edge of the sults in the dislocation being p plane. Climb requires mass MP v v rgers vector and the unit tangent electron affinity The energy released when an isolated independent of temperature. ion implantation than process thewhich ions ofconduction bands. deep drawing A process by which nucleus A either in valence or light location motion does not involve neutral electronegative atom gains an electron. elements such/ as boron and nitrogen are made to impinge pg031 [R] G1 7-27060 IRWIN / Schaffer ak 12-25-97 pgm 1-14-98 of atoms centered on a linear The number QC1 core electrons electron configuration The contained density of metal is shaped into a cup by mech Those electrons that are on the surface of the workpiece at a high velocity. The distribution o...
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