Equil elastic deformation deformation that is

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Unformatted text preview: mall sand particles grown on as carbon-carbon– compositesa solute– in +a solidwhich Composites– in +solution reaches a – – – + + crystalline material is and gravel the concentration of matrix of cement. carbon is used both in the fibers as well as the matrix. seed crystal. value of (a) approximately the average of the surface (b) conduction band The bandThepermissibl of characte case hardening Aand the initial bulk concentration. concentration process by which the surface of a equilibrium state energy levels located above, but separated b component is hardened by changing the chemical remain constant indefinitely. Equil elastic deformation Deformation that is recoverable gap from, the valence band. composition of the surface or by subjecting the surface to free energy of the system is at its + + + + when a load + + + + is removed. This means that the+ part+ will a hardening heat treatment. conductivity An intrinsic materials pro return to its + original size when +the load is removed. erosion corrosion A form of de + + + + + describes the ease with which electric charg casting + A process in +which a mold is filled with + Deformation of a rubber band is typically elastic. elbows of pipes and similar locatio transported through a material in response molten material that upon solidification takes the shape + + + + + + + + + + impinges upon the material at high electric field. of theelastic limit The stress beyond which there is mold. angles of attack. + permanent deformation. Below the elastic limit all the + + + + + + + conductor A material, often a metal, wit cavitation A form of+ stress-assisted+ corrosion in which eutectic reaction conductivity. These materials The able to tra are transform vapordeformation isand then burst on the load iscausing bubbles form recovered when a surface, removed. (c) of a liquid phase isothermally and elastomer A rubber atomic has electrical charge efficiently. damage A the underlying in the thatscale been imparted a memory, FIGURE 2.4–5 to comparison of the difference material. response of a metal and an ionic solid to a hammer blow. (a) In an ionic solid before the hammer blow each ion is surrounded by oppositely a hard solid phases. usually by crosslinking or incorporation of charged ions. | e-Text Main Menu | Text...
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