For term used by ceramists in which an

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Unformatted text preview: her process that occurs in ionic bonds machining compound) by which fib A process used to speci reinforcing phase, is in the form ofexc (break into pieces) when subjectedanalysis of electron isostrain Anmelt assumption in the to external loads. For Term used by ceramists in which an electropositiveZelement gives up an composites 2 removed composites Materials brittle Term unable by plastic in another example, the glass anda the1 Z2 qused to describewhile the that are particles embedded shearing. materia window is brittle, materials in which fiber and car matrix are considered to be Ua F in (2.4–4) tensitic, or athermal, to become xa cationacharacteristic angleisbetween an atoman bond angles The dx this electron then added to cementite An ironmore basic materials in w carbide phase, Fe3 C. 4 x x bumper energy magnetic metal or plasticto absorb is not. More is anion. but instead fracturematrix. domains Microscopic reg subjected to identical strain 0 by “bending” materials. electronegativeof its the repulsivelevels. It precisely, brittle element thatneighbors. an the result of a becomes The term is most or similar integration for nearest and two ceramic-matrix composites in which all in bt A ion being applied lowinto pieces) yields subjected to external loads. For ferromagneticmolding Composites in crystal (break failure the when materials exhibit a parallel toforce fibers. strain. compression reinforcing phase, is of tw A process load used to describe specific bond angles in covalent within the band gap of a often electronegativity The C the glass in a carof an element relative tendency window is brittle,ceramics are used as particles embedded in an the matrix material. whilematerialare shaped by heating and squ the dipoles is aligned with one another. Burgers A isostress Anexample, n F dx circuit (2.4–5) the extra electrons structures. xattract, ran electron.drawn around a composites to gain, Ur circuit assumption in the analysis of dislocation chemical vapor deposition (CVD) A proces or x plastic bumper metal orthe matrixwouldis not. More...
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