For example consider the change in bond calculate the

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Unformatted text preview: cture that occurs upon melting or freezing of a pure material. Figure 2.3–1 illustrates the relative Electrical conduction in pure energies of the two thermodynamic of two phasessolid, as a functiontwo-phase relative amounts states, liquid and present in a of temperature. Si, Ge, and GaAs. mixture in terms melting compositions of the alloy a lower At temperatures greater than the of the temperature, the liquid represents and the energy statephases solid. It is the thermodynamically favored state. As the temperature than the reaction is which there are zerois decreased below thepresent. melting temperature, the solid becomes the favored state and there is a thermodynamic driving force for solidification, which includes bond rearrangement, line compound A compound whose composition is see independentthat many influence of changes in in materials engineering of temperature. process in which ions of light of the material. We will examining the of the important reactions system variables on the can be understood by and nitrogen are made to impinge relative energies of different atomicThe number of atoms centered on a scale structures. linear density Thermodynamics provides information about which processes may occur; however, it orkpiece at a high velocity. The crystallographic direction per unit length. gives no information about the rate of the process. The science that deals with reaction penetration of the ions. f primary bond FIGURE 2.3–1 involving ctropositive atoms that of the rela- a A comparison display tive energies two thertheir electronegativityofvalues modynamic states, liquid liquid crystal An anisotropic fluid, usually a melt or solution characterized by molecular alignment. liquid metal embrittlement Solid degradation mechanism A in which a liquid metal preferentially attacks the grain Liquid boundaries in a solid. liquidus The temperature at which a liquid begins to freeze during equilibrium cooling conditions. long-range order Existence of a regular repeating arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecule...
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