For other systems natural aging the precipitation of

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Unformatted text preview: ho dielectric constant A charge when subject to monotectoid reaction The transformatio cooling, of a solid phase isothermally and G1 1-19-98 plm 3-21-98 MP two solids having different compositions fr solid. martensite finish temperature Mf In iron-carbon n-type A class of extrinsic semiconducto martensites, the temperature at Chapter 2 the transformation which Atomic Scale Structures 35 dopant atoms with more than four valence of austenite to martensite is complete. For other systems, natural aging The precipitation of a sec Mf is the temperature at which Cl the parent phase has all Cl from a supersaturated solution at room tem transformed to the product phase. Nernst equation An equation that relat martensite start temperature Ms In iron-carbon electrochemical cell potential to the activit martensites, the temperature at which the transformation reactants and products. of austenite to martensite is just beginning. For other +17 network former An element in a chain systems, Ms is the temperature +17 which the parent phase at forming at least three bonds with its neigh is just beginning to transform to the product phase. (trifunctionality) or an ion that satisfies Za martensitic transformation A shearlike rules. They are good glass formers. transformation with no change in composition when the Covalent bond network modifier An ion that is not ca parent phase transforms into the product phase. FIGURE 2.4–3 A schematic illustration of a covalent bond formed between two Cl atoms resulting in the formation forming three or more bonds with its neig matrix phase The material used in a composite to fill of a Cl2 molecule. in the context of an oxide glass. Network m the space between fibers or other reinforcement with the disrupt three-dimensional networks. They primary constants and p q. them together and to provide where A and B are positivepurpose of bondingThe bond-force and bond-energy glass formers. curves for covalently bonded materials have the same general shape as those for ionic them with lateral strength. materials. mean time between collisions The average time ......
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