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If you were told that the observed cn for the anion

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Unformatted text preview: melting temperature? 24. Given that the coefficient of expansion for Al is 25 10 6 C 1 and for SiC is 4.3 10 6 C 1, predict which material has the higher melting temperature. 25. Explain why it is difficult to find a material with both a high stiffness and a high coefficient of thermal expansion. 26. Many, many oxide ceramics or ionic solids have moduli of elasticity of 6.9 10 4 MPa, independent of composition. Why? 27. The modulus of elasticity of window or oxide glass is 6.9 10 4 MPa and that of a “plastic” glass is 6.9 10 3 MPa. How much more will the plastic glass deflect than the oxide glass under a given load? 28. Sketch a bond-energy and bond-force curve for a material with a negative thermal expansion coefficient. 29. The center-to-center separation of two atoms in pure Ti is 2.94 `. The thermal expansion coefficient of Ti metal is 9 10 6 C 1. What percent increase in atomic separation is realized in going from 25 C to 625 C? Repeat the problem for copper, using data from Table 2.5–1 and Appendix C. 30. How might a scientist or an engineer measure Young’s modulus in the laboratory? How about the thermal expansion coefficient? | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents pg058 [V] G12 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer 58 Part I 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. js 1-27-98 plm 3-21-98 MP Fundamentals c. If you were told that the observed CN for the anion was 6, what would you conclude about the nature of the bond? Two elements are combined and the coordination number of each type of atom is 12. What is the relative size of each atom type? How many bonds form with C? How many with Si? Is it reasonable to expect that Si can be substituted for C in most organic structures, so that silicon chemistry has at least some similarities to carbon chemistry? Show the correct geometrical structure of C2 H6 . Why are there no solids with coordination number 5, 7, or 9? Where would you put four tacks in a cubic room if you wanted each of them to be as far from the others as possible? Discuss the value of the bond angle (H @ N @ H) in ammonia, NH3 . If you add a proton, H ,...
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