The ation that provides the pending chargeein values

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Unformatted text preview: ses (i.e.,the regionsleft missingthe periodic table), lattice site, a to take on some defect characteristics.haveincrease in covalent characteristic of the point covalent is said to The been formed. with intermetallics Stoichiometric compounds bonds in metals is part of the reason the density of metals generally decreases as one rials property that relates the moves to characteristic metal atom given row. the right in ratio in a ratios such as of the 3 Al, Poisson’sthe periodic tableThe negative ratioAlLi, Nitransverse magnetic field strength H. When Al V, AlSb, CuZn, Ti Al, and Mg S. some metals are mixed together, they form stoichiometric compounds with 3 3 strain divided by the longitudinal 2strain in a tensile test. characteristic metal atom ratios. Examples include AlLi, Ni3 Al, Al3 V, AlSb, CuZn, Ti3 Al, ic constant. interstices and Mg2polarization Thereferred to as intermetallics. Mostthat are defined Si. These compounds are regions between atoms of these compounds Separation of positive and negative exhibit either mixed metallic/covalent oror ions. Interstices in crystals are mixed metallic/ionic bond characteristics, deby at least four atoms usually by an electric field. The ation that provides the pending chargeEin values of the elements involved. Although brittle, these materials on the N a material, usually tetrahedral or octahedral. in size and the yield stress. often have good high-temperaturethe dipoles ain a strength-to-weight unit As a vector sum of all resistance and high material per ratio. result, Ni3 Al and Ti3 Al are finding usage in the aerospace atom or ion interstitial polarization. ith decreasing grain size volume is the A point defect consisting of In previous examplesthe term mixed bonding referred to the intermediate characterisequation. tics of an that is located in the intersticesbonding occurs in materials having individual bond. Another type of “mixed” of the structure under polycrystallineInterstitials mayabethe previo...
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