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Unformatted text preview: Miller indices the compound. Figure 2.4–4 is and planes in crystals. this bond in which the valence electrons a schematic representation of are delocalized from the nucleus and core electrons. The valence electrons form a “cloud” mobility A ion cores. property that describes the or “sea” of electrons that surrounds the materialsThe force holding the metal together ease of charge carrier motion in and the negatively charged is the attraction between the positively charged ion cores response to an external electron cloud. The electronsfield. It is defined are not spatially localized. carrier electric are shared, but they as the average charge As with the previous bond types, the Pauli exclusion principle results in a repulvelocity divided by the electric field strength. sive force that becomes significant when the filled electron shells associated with the ion molecular (dipole) polarization The temporary cores begin to overlap. The sum of the attractive and repulsive forces leads to both bondforce and bond-energy curves similar in shape to dipoles in molecules and the alignment of permanent those described for ionic in covalent bonds. presence of an electric field. | v v pg035 [R] have also been shown to exhibit phases having characteristics similar to iron-carbon martensite; hence, 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer the more recent generic use of the term martensite to pgm describe these phases as well. | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents noncrystalline Amorphous, lacking thre order. Amorphous materials are either rub normal stress the force. The force divided by the nucleation The first step in a phase tran octahedral site A position in a crystal d neighbors, usually nearest neighbors. 0.2% offset yield strength The stress a starting at 0.2% on the strain axis and dra the initial elastic portion of a stress-strain intersects the stress-strain curve. This is th yield strength for materials that do not exh transition from elastic to plastic behavior. Ohm’s law The relationship between vo and resistance which has the general form oxidation A gas...
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