The or within charge when subject to an repeating

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Unformatted text preview: lent bond A type of primary bond formed chip is bonded to the housing of an electronic p between two electronegative elements when their average rotatable bonds conformation The arrangement of the dielectric constant crystalline materialto st Ability of a material 2.4.2 Covalent Bonding a molecule. number of valence electrons is greater than or equal to 4. and electric field. The or within charge when subject to an repeating atomic die Covalent bonds form in compounds composed of electronegative elements, constant normalized to that of vacuum is the re especially creep Time-dependent deformation that occurs at long-range order is esta congruent melting The equilibrium melting reaction those with four or temperatures and low stresses. has a strong tendency to form more valence electrons. Hydrogen also relatively high that occurs when solid dielectric constant. Also called permittivity. T Curie temperature covalent bonds. Examples of covalentlya bonded phase transforms to a liquid materials include the elements in crevice corrosion theA highlygases (H , Cl , F ),of corrosion all carbon-based strength ferromagnetic electric fie localized composition. form and essentially dielectric The maximum material Group IV (C, Ge, phase diatomic identical 2 2 Si), having 2 (usually) involving are no concentration gradients the molecules. Since there oxygen electropositive atoms present,in “extra” electrons re- that a material can withstand without strength characteristics. coordination electronegative limited. be of nearest quired to fill the valence shell of theelectrolyte is The number obtained by sharing atoms must regions where the flow of the number diffraction A specific interaction method Czochralski of radiation neighbors that surround an atom or ion. electrons. critical fiber length The minimum fiber 2 2 6 materials. Diffraction appears as reflections fro 2 5 Consider the Cl atom, with seven electrons in its valence shell (1s 2s 2p 3s 3p ). If crystal of Si of a predet core band A to be...
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