These atomic bridges are often a bfatigue dendrite a

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Unformatted text preview: given It obeys an Arrhenius-type equation a occurs. gradient. form of the equation degrees of freedom T because the composition of the solid and the liquid are in Equation 2.4–1, x0 can be found using a similar equation: such is strongly temperature-dependent. The di crosslinks Primary bonds formed between adjacent variables necessary to s not the same at a specific temperature. coefficient describes the ease of atomic or ionic polymer chains. These atomic “bridges” are often A Bfatigue dendrite A treelike s A degradation mechanism (2.4 –7) state. the in which solid composed of rsmall chains of either oxygen or sulfur but Fa F corrosion q 0 xp x formed to the patte corrosion other small groups of atoms. can be composed of manyand mechanical fatigue occur simultaneously direct dissolution mechanismdueA degradation solidification. mechanism crystal lattice and their synergisticwhich atoms are The framework on effects are much more serious thanin which the solid dissolves directly would be predicted structures. surrounding liquid without substantial charge tr placed in periodic three-dimensional from their separate effects. devitrification A hig dislocation crystalline Having atomsforce arranged on a to the electrostatic force A linear defect oxide glasses to certain in a crystalline so coulombic or ions Name given Textbook Table of | | e-Text Main Menu | long-range order.Contents responsible for deformation. three-dimensional lattice having that develops between charged species. The magnitude of plasticcrystalline ceramics. the force is proportional to the charges of the two species and inversely related to the square of their separation distance. This force pulls the species closer together if they have opposite charge and pushes them apart if they have charges of the same sign. covalent bond A type of primary bond formed between two electronegative elements when their average number of valence electrons is greater than or equal to 4. diamagnetic A class the internal field is anti These materials show a magnetic fields. die bonding A proce chip is bonded to the...
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