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These atomic ox2 bridges are often z1 ax

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Unformatted text preview: and reversibly into two hat has been imparted a memory, coefficient describes the ease of atomi polymer chains. These) =atomic π εox2) “bridges” are often + Z1 a(x solidFphases.Z2q2/(4 or incorporation of a hard + – Na Cl the solid state. composed of small chains of either oxygen or sulfur but bout 600% extension the polymer eutectoid reaction The transformation, during cooling, can be composed a solid phase isothermally and reversibly into two new of many other small groups of atoms. direct dissolution mechanism A de ompletely. Only polymers can be of mechanism in which the solid dissolve crystal lattice solid phases. The framework on which atoms are Textbook Table of Contents e-Text Main Menu | | placed in periodic |three-dimensional structures. crystalline Having atoms or ions arranged on a three-dimensional lattice having long-range order. surrounding liquid without substantial dislocation A linear defect in a cry responsible for plastic deformation. v v bond angles The characteristic angle between an atom cementite An iron carbide phase, F temperature or to determine the maxim usually tetrahedral or octahedral. or ion and two 794 its nearest neighbors. The term is most of Glossary ceramic-matrix a fixed time duration. temperature for composites Comp pg032 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer MP interstitial A point defect consisting of in covalention often used to describe specific bond anglesan atom orpgm 1-14-98 plm 3-21-98 are used as the matrix mate ceramics lattice Three-dimensional space-fill that is located in the interstices of the structure under structures. chemical vapor or ions are placed car on which atoms deposition (CVD)to bond angles The either the same or between an atom cementite An iron consideration. Interstitials may be characteristic angle a bond energy The amount of energy required to move two gases are chemically reacted to p or thanand two of its nearest neighbors. The term is most point ceramic-matrix in the th ion the solvent. different species lattice One position compos 32 Part I atoms or ions to an infinite separation distance. It is two Fundamentals coating of the reaction product, a soli often used to describe solution bond angles in covalent specific in which ceramics a...
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