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Unformatted text preview: on or structural change will bipolar junction transistor A solid-sta adjacent magnetic dipoles and kinetics are favorable. occur only if both the thermodynamicsof equal strength point in semiconductor device composed of three l The phrase room temperature was highlighted in the previous paragraph to emphasize opposite directions. These materials show weak response the importance of temperature in the kinetics of a typical chemical process. In the vast material— either npn or pnp — often used to external magnetic fields. majority of cases the rate of a chemical reaction increases exponentially with an increase block copolymer A polymer consisting inArrheniusThat is, temperature. equation Any equation of the form C Reactionexp C exp T . This equation states that the (2.3–1) mers in which each mer occurs in long seq C0 QR Q rate RT molecule. variable C increases exponentially as the temperature where C is a constant, R is the gas constant, T is absolute temperature, and Q is the increases. blow molding A process by which a slu activation energy for the process. Any reaction that obeys Equation 2.3–1 is termed an Arrhenius process, or a thermally precipitation We will second phase processes oxide glass or polymer is extruded vertica artificial aging The activated process. of a see that Arrhenius are very common in the study of materials and that Equation 2.3–1 is used to model a by blowing air from the top. from a of chemical and physical processes. wide varietysupersaturated solid solution at a temperature You will find that there are a great above room temperature. many equations introduced in this textbook. One body-centered cubic (BCC) A cubic st key to success in any quantitative field is to gain an understanding of the terms in each atactic Configuration of a equation are important. First, note which atoms are located in the corners of equation. Several features of the Arrheniusvinyl polymer whose side that R is a groups are randomly positioned during polymerization. universal constant, that is, i...
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