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Unformatted text preview: the end to the start of the Burgers circuit. The Burgers vector is an invariant property of a dislocation. carbon-carbon composites Composites in which carbon is used both in the fibers as well as the matrix. case hardening A process by which the surface of a v 48 G14 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer cementite An iron carbid ceramic-matrix composites ceramics are used as the m chemical vapor deposition two gases are chemically re coating of the reaction prod the workpiece. close-packed direction A a crystal along which atoms close-packed plane A cr crystal on which each atom close-packed structures type in which the spherical possible, giving a coordinat of 0.74. HCP and FCC are coefficient of thermal expa through the equation t h coefficient of thermal expan relates thermal strain to cha coherent interface An in where there is a one-to-one across the boundary. cold working Plastic def at a temperature where disl than they are annihilated. component A chemical s compound) used to specify composites Materials for more basic materials in wh reinforcing phase, is in the particles embedded in anoth matrix. compression molding A material is shaped by heatin desired shape between two concentration polarization the corrosion rate is reduce rates within the electrolyte. concrete A mixture (or a containing small sand parti matrix of cement. conduction band The ba temperature for a fixed time duration.solution so sites normally occupied bytransformation, during formed is monotectic reaction The A. The thermoplastic polymer A polym latticeSchafferasubstitutional solid solutionrepeating A. pgm 1-19-98 plm 3-21-98 MP 7-27060said to be Three-dimensional space-filling reversibly into / cooling, of IRWIN / a liquid phase isothermally and of B in pattern absorption coefficient a solid phase having amount of athermallong-chain molecules transformation Describing a phase often compos on which atoms or ionsmeasure of theform a crystal. placed to another liquid and A are containingdifferent cobalt, iron, superalloys transparent nickel, light compositions a FCC alloysmaterial, expressed in absorbed by thermallybonded backbone and extent of sider activated. That is, the various the lattice point from the initial liquid. a fine dispersion of One position in the three-dimensional and chromium strengthened with ma...
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