Component a chemical substance e compound used to

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Unformatted text preview: o gases are chemically reacted to pro coating of the reaction product, a solid the workpiece. close-packed direction A crystallog a crystal along which atoms touch. close-packed plane A crystallograph crystal on which each atom contacts si close-packed structures A crystal o type in which the spherical atoms are p possible, giving a coordination number of 0.74. HCP and FCC are close-packe coefficient of thermal expansion t h through the equation t h t h T , wh coefficient of thermal expansion is the relates thermal strain to changes in tem coherent interface An interface sep where there is a one-to-one match of l across the boundary. cold working Plastic deformation of at a temperature where dislocations are than they are annihilated. component A chemical substance (e compound) used to specify the compos composites Materials formed by com more basic materials in which one mat reinforcing phase, is in the form of fibe particles embedded in another material matrix. compression molding A process by material is shaped by heating and sque desired shape between two platens tha concentration polarization A mech the corrosion rate is reduced due to low rates within the electrolyte. concrete A mixture (or aggregate co containing small sand particles and gra pg040 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer 40 Part I pgm 1-19-98 plm 3-21-98 MP Fundamentals Slope at xo for material A F A Slope at xo for material B B chaffer rps 01-20-98 rps MP x Glossary t of energy required to move nite separation distance. It is e bond-energy well. nergy well) The curve that ted with a pair of atoms or tance between the two atoms rve that describes the al force between two atoms distance between the two equivalent to the derivative ium separation distance It can be estimated from e (the point where the energy force curve (the point where equation of X-ray A cementite comparison iron bond-force curves for two hypothetical materials, A and B. An of the carbide phase, Fe3 C. ceramic-matrix composites...
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