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Unformatted text preview: possible, and (3) the ions cannot to the charges of the two species Consider the geometry when related to the squareaof their separation and inversely a small cation is bonded to much larger anion. It will always be possible to place two anions in contact with the cation, but as shown in distance. This force pulls the species closer together if Figure 2.6–1, it may not be possible to place a third anion in contact with the cation they have opposite charge and pushes them apart if they have charges of the same sign. covalent bond A type of primary bond formed e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | between two| electronegative elements when their average number of valence electrons is greater than or equal to 4. creep Time-dependent deformation that occurs at relatively high temperatures and low stresses. crevice corrosion A highly localized form of corrosion (usually) involving oxygen concentration gradients in regions where the flow of the electrolyte is limited. critical fiber length The minimum fiber v pg795 Atomic Scale Structures Glossary crystalline material A material th and repeating atomic or molecular ar long-range order is established within Curie temperature The temperatu ferromagnetic material exhibits param characteristics. Czochralski method A process by crystal of Si of a predetermined orien from a melt of Si. deep drawing A process by which of metal is shaped into a cup by mec degree of polymerization The num to form a polymer; the molecular we divided by the molecular weight of th degrees of freedom The number o variables necessary to specify equilib dendrite A treelike structure in a s formed due to the pattern of latent he solidification. devitrification A high-temperature certain oxide glasses to convert the s crystalline ceramics. diamagnetic A class of magnetic m the internal field is antiparallel to the These materials show a weak respons magnetic fields. die bonding A process by which a chip is bonded to the housing of an e dielectric constant Ability of a ma charge when subject to an electric fie constant normalized to that of vacuu dielectr...
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