Crosslinks primary bonds formed between adjacent

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Unformatted text preview: d that size such that either the only type criticaland composition. of the can form between PE chains is the nucleus temperature, interface accomplished by solid-state diff secondary bonds. growth or dissolution will decrease its free energy. conditions of high temperature and press thermoplastic polymer A polymer composed of energy of critical resolvedformationstress (polymer chain from a collection of the system. Thus, the shear of a PE diffusion coefficient The constant in t long-chain molecules often composedCRSS) covalently stress of a The shear identical monomers is in the slip planefavored reaction. Note that inat which the resolved a thermodynamically side groups. These contrast to in the slip direction relating mass flux per unit area to the co bonded backbone and various monomer, the PE polymer chain is saturated, so there are no additional sites for primary plastic deformation occurs. remains for bond formation between PE gradient. It obeys an Arrhenius-type equ bond formation. Thus, the onlybe heated to form a melt repeatedly. macromolecules system variables such as pressure, and is secondary bondcan mechanism that the external formation. Linear polymers that form melts upon heating, such chains such is strongly temperature-dependent. crosslinks Primary bonds formed between adjacent thermoset polymer polymers. astemperature, and composition. PE, are called thermoplastic A polymer (usually composed of a coefficient describes the ease of atomic o polymer chains. These atomic “bridges” are often The structure of different from three-dimensional network of covalently oxygen or sulfur but thermoplastic rubber is fundamentally ofhydrocarbon that of the thermoplastic polymer of the polymer composed of structure in FigA generic either bonded atoms) the solid state. polymers. composed of small chains Careful examination rubber that does not composed of composed of small groupsbond.atoms. when many other a covalently long-chain be meltpolymer chains contain an unsaturated double of The exismole...
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