Eets of resin impregnated metals the yield stress

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Unformatted text preview: shared between two strongly electroPoisson’s ratio The negative ) is always different from their the of negative charge . Permanent aluminum alloys as well as magnetic induction B, tocenter magnetic field strength H.dipole bonds strain divided by the longitudinal negative atoms such der Waals bonds. One especially important type of are generally stronger than van as N, O, F, or Cl. permittivity bond is the hydrogen bond, which occurs whenever a hydrogen atom polarization Separation of pos permanent dipole See dielectric constant. hydrogen embrittlement A family such as N, O, F, or can be shared between two strongly electronegative atomsof degradation Cl. The Petch-Hall is the strongest type ofthe high bond, but it is still significantly weaker charge in a material, usually by a ess of manufacturing lamhydrogen bond equation mechanisms relatedEquation that provides the H in BCC to secondary diffusivity of than a primary bond. Hydrogen bonds hold the and the in a sheet of paper relationshipthat results ingrain size wood fibers yield stress. together. vector sum of all the dipoles in a between the a decrease in ductility. eets of resin-impregnated metals The yield stress increases with decreasing grain size ach other by hand in a volume is the polarization. hypereutectic An alloy whose H H according δ to the Petch-Hall Hequation. composition is greater polycrystalline Describing a so d cured to form the + δ+ than the eutectic composition. H phase A homogeneous portion ofH matter bounded by aH joined crystals or grains. δ+ hypereutectoid mechanicallywhose composition other An alloy separate from any is greater surface so that it is hich a thick layer of hard polymer Engineering material S N than O portion. the eutectoid composition. urface of the workpiece by high–molecular-weight molecules δ– δ– hypoeutectic A An alloy whose composition is less than H usually have either a linear (chain phase diagram graphical representation showing the δ– process. the eutectic present for a given composition as a composition. phase or phases...
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