Equilibrium state of the material by one degree

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Unformatted text preview: mount rage of the surface y y of one mole the characteristics of the system ulk concentration. equilibrium state of The material by one degree. remain constant indefinitely. Equilibrium occurs when the ation that is recoverable heterogeneous nucleation Specific site-induced 2py free energy of the system is at its minimum value. means that the part will nucleation. x x the load is removed. erosion corrosion A form of(HCP) 2pxA crystal that has a hexagonal close-packed degradation common in (c) (d) is typically elastic. elbowsregular hexagonal basal plane and rectangular side planes of pipes and similar locations where the fluid impinges uponto the basal plane. Individual atoms or ions are nd which there is normal the material at high velocities or high angles located at each corner of the basal plane and in the of attack. the elastic limit all the | | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents the load is removed. eutectic reaction basal transformation, during cooling, on center of the The plane, and three more atoms are of a liquidmidplane, located over the interstices of two atoms in the phase isothermally and reversibly into the s been imparted a memory, solid phases. plane. Each atom has 12 neighbors that touch, the basal rporation of a hard giving an APF The transformation, during cooling, 00% extension the polymer eutectoid reaction of 0.74. ely. Only polymers can be of a solid phase isothermally and crystallographic plane with highest-density plane A reversibly into two new solid phases. the largest number of atoms or ions centered on the plane per unit area. hole An empty electron level within a nearly filled QC1 hot dipping A proces low–melting-point meta by dipping the latter in a hot isostatic pressing temperature and pressur compacts during powder Hume-Rothery rules of substitutional solid so sizes, bond character, an species being considered hydrogen bond A typ hydrogen atom is shared negative atoms such as N hydrogen embrittlemen mechanisms related to th metals that results in a d hypereutectic An allo than the eutectic compo hypereutectoid An al than the eutectoid comp hypoeutectic An alloy the eutectic compos...
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