Ionization potential the energy required to remove an

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Unformatted text preview: consisting of producing powder metallurgy synthetic, or man-made.madeexample, consider the linearthe surface of the workpiece the monomer is the C2 H4 molecule. on small particles of metallic powders and then coness that utilizes ultravioletvery polymer polyethylene, or PE, for which at a high velocity. The As shown in Figure 2.9–1, the PE polymer chain is formed by opening the double bond surface in them due to penetration a series ions. betweensolidating an individual monomer and linking of the of monomers together the C atomshardens in the form of near-net-shape etch small devices on an to form the linear macromolecule.type of primary bond involving with single ionic bond components. A An examination of bond energies associated and double covalent bonds between carbon atoms shows that the breaking of one double | v v bond and electronegative single bond (per monomer) result in a decrease in the free the formation of one and electropositive atoms that display a significant difference in their electronegativity values (usually EN 1.7). ionic (atomic) polarization The temporary displace| e-Text Main Menu | Textbook ions in the presence of an ment of positive and negative Table of Contents electric field. ionization potential The energy required to remove an electron from an isolated neutral atom. isomorphous Having the same structure. When applied to a phase diagram, indicating that the solid phase has the same structure and hence complete solubility at every composition. MP G kinetics The study of th factors that affect them, in on phase transformations. laminate composites C several laminae in a predet orientation. Larsen-Miller parameter the analysis of creep. It ma determine how long the pa temperature or to determin temperature for a fixed tim lattice Three-dimension on which atoms or ions are lattice point One positi space-filling repeating patt more atoms or ions are pla lever rule An equation relative amounts of two ph mixture in terms of the com phases present. line compound A comp independent of temperature linear density The num...
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