Lled by spherical atoms no resistance to the motion a

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Unformatted text preview: cromolecules depends on tempera units of reciprocal length. not a function of time, but can be heated to fo space-filling repeating patterntransformation, duringOne or forms crystal. monotectoid reaction The that Chapter 2 a Atomic Scale Structures 49 Ni3(Al, Ti) precipitates. level within martensite transformations in steels are atherm acceptor level a or ions are placed at each thereversibly into thermoset polymer A polymer ( more atoms The impurity lattice point. cooling, of solid phase isothermally and band gap of asuperconductivity A state the matter inholes initial isatomic packing factor (APF) The fraction o semiconductor associated with of electron which there three-dimensional network of cova two solids H lever rule having equation that enables one to the An different compositions from calculate the introduced by the incorporation ofof electricalor III carriers. filled by spherical atoms. no resistance to the motion a Group II charge that does not melt when reheated. solid. onduction in pure relative amounts of two phases present in a two-phase H element into a Group IV semiconductor. is below its thermo-atomic scale structure The structure of a m 104.5° In iron-carbon f GaAs. supercooledclass of the A liquid that of the alloy and the n-type A liquid tie line Horizontal line drawn on mixture in terms of extrinsic semiconductors containing compositions hich the transformation [R] dynamic melting temperature. A valence electrons. activation 7-27060 with more Schaffer supercooled liquid is the size scale of an atom (i.e., on the scale of a polarization A mechanism by which the dopant atoms / G15 two-phase field connecting the com phases present. IRWIN / O than four which there arepg803 zero lete. For other systems, corrosion rate is reduced in some systems. It occurs when to 10 10 m). metastable at best A precipitation of a second phase and may crystallize phases in equilibrium. natural aging line steps in theThe compound whose aat any time. l the parent phase...
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