Of equal strength forces are dipoles in are melt and

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Unformatted text preview: orientation defined filled removed by aplastic into a fiber as it cools. SECONDARY BONDS octahedral crystal slip is poured intoposition a Paris mold andwhich re considered to be 2.7 antiferromagnetic predetermined inof crystal whichin by six the position. levels that is temporary dipole class of materials in is fabricatedwhich the parent metal near the joint and a filler m An atom a plaster or molecule the A electrons Electrons different in primary thatof they or posites utilizingof a Secondaryspatial center of positive neighbors. momentarily different twin transistor a aggregate a contents are magnetic Si. emptied out after isregions Microscopic moisture bonds are of usually Itcloser to the metals adjacentmeltfundamentallynearest charge the bonds in isa from involve bipolar spherulite portion ofA solid-state of is the result valence fromneighbors, domainslocatedfromthe shell point that ferri-the junction A A spherical crystal in wh magneticnucleus. of equal strength forces are dipoles in are melt and mix positions form neither electron transfer noryield strength Instead, attractiveinternal a produced heated until they mirror-image together tocomp electron sharing. from0.2%atomic A the offset noncrystalline materials that grows rad are in The a bers. bands. furthest oppositeof the layers crystal materials all stressof circular mold. deepferromagnetic has differentabsorbed of theatporous of line drawing chargeof been fromcharge. the center piece ction fromdirections. These in whichtheshow weakwhich magnetic semiconductor device when the centerouter center process by which byflat theresponse strong joint upon freezing. composed of three layers positive is negative location negative whenbulk of are crystallized from m starting at aligned a one mechanical the polymers crystal. arycontained bond ofexternal electricA into Thesecondary in induced,atoms areto metal is shaped on the either axis and drawn parallel resulting are 0.2% dipole of direction bond in nalysis of compositesdertoThe dipoles directionfields. cup byanother.crystal or permanent four re bond formed vancharge.Waalssl...
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