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Unformatted text preview: he during describes the magnitude modifiers however, several common pureof an oxide glass. Network of the change in insulator.cations, electrons, and holes in the such Fe, property or ion.metalsuniformlyCr, and W have CNs of only 8, volumetric density of the material. atoms that reinforcement with the phase from a section so the strain solution. atom crystal. volume tensile str throughout theforms. three-dimensional networks. They are in their purest gage supersaturated solid is also uniform. specific Often disrupt goodunit volume ofcharge strengththe Ultimate considere long-range order A material that the resistivityuseful conductor of thecontains aorder, definedin of from aregular erequired and to provide crystalline material abecause they describea regular repeating rotatable remove through bottom together to bonds anCoordinationsimple cubic (SC)Existence resultingcubic not change in basal plane The top or a solid. plane in a cry short-range A of amorphous material A material a material. In symmetry of unitascellandtemperature.nearest or molecularthatwith a particular a that unit cell. the densitythe the defined by The numbers are representationcrystal with the such the smallest glass formers. arrangement repeating atomic neighbors, associated lacks arrangement basal plane the number and type of of atoms, ions, or molecules within solid struc- hexagonal crystals tom. which is regionisorder.material. located consideration tocorner thethat ofor ionswe expandcollection eight include atoms characteristic of thecrystalline are at all true expansion coefficient The volumetric thermalstrain A two-phase microstruc crystals All solids exhibit short-rangeAmorphous, lacking three-dimensional the unit cell ture. long-range orderthe smallest As within the structure. spheroidite t ofThe natural logari crystalline is established a patterned a noncrystalline long-range order the six corners hexagons. It is elting reaction tempered neighbors, heat-treating a placed oninstantaneous length divided by nor The average time positions. tructure. When applied solid.order. Amorphousinwe find thatare eitherof distinct types of solids. the second- and higher-order martensite are either are Amorphous materials The result rubbers or glasses. glasses. of atoms or ions that repeats Absorption of li...
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