Powder metallurgy a process a zone of material on the

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Unformatted text preview: three-dimensional network struct rrimagnetic materials with (a) (b) (c) function of temperature. An alloy whose composition is hypoeutectoid alloy polymer-matrix composites C FIGURE 2.7–2 A schematic illustration of three permanent dipole molecules: (a) H O, (b) H S, and (c) NH . The x’s phosphorescencefrom the H atoms and the •’s represent those from eithermoreN. The and which the matrix material is a po Luminescence that persists O, S, or less than the represent the valence electrons eutectoid composition. rial to resist penetration. A 8 symbols represent the spatial centers of positive and negative charge for the molecule. Note that nonbonding electron than 10 s after the stimulus ion species that differs from the polymorphic Allotropic; capab impurity Any atom or is removed. pairs are local regions of negative charge and the isolated nucleus of an H atom is a local region of positive charge. large forces are required to photoconductivity species. While in electrical to be defects, crystal structure. host or solvent An increase considered n mark. conductivity brought about desirable properties on the solid impurities may confer by photostimulation. powder metallurgy A process A zone of material on the photolithography A process that utilizes Contents very small particles of metallic p | solution. | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of ultravioletnt to the weld metal–base light–sensitivediffusion toThe diffusion of an on an solidating them in the form of ne impurity polymers etch small devices impurity ostructural changes occur integrated chip. species at very low concentrations within the solvent or components. welding process. host material. property that represents the incoherent interface An interface separating two ed to raise the temperature phases that do not have similar atomic arrangements y one degree. across the interface. Specific site-induced incongruent melting The equilibrium melting reaction v v 2 2 3 pg051 [R] G1 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer js Chapter 2 Atomic Scale Structures .......
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