Result from surface deposits of contamina schottky

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Unformatted text preview: f contamina Schottky defect Small located on stagnant pools of electrolyte cation andh clusters that are sections of metal. formed in ionic solid ratio density The number of atoms o planarin these clusters is adjusted to m electroneutrality. on a crystallographic plane per unit area screw dislocation A dislocation th plastic deformation Deformation that making a cut in a part that has been for example, a metalcrystal and displacp is said to region relative to the bottom the cut have undergone plastic deforma FIGUREpn junction the cut. The Burgers vecto 2.2–1 A sche- to diode parallel A microelectronics matic illustration of the posed of dislocation is parallel of p-type and n Bohr model of a Zn atom adjacent layers to the dislocatio showing conductors that serves to pass current in the arrangement self-diffusion The mechanism by w of electrons in the subshells. while (essentially) blocking current in the diffuses in itself. direction. semicoherent interface An interfa point defect A “mistake” in the mater aphases atom, ion, lattice site, orin the a single where the differences intersti of the atoms forming the interface ca example, if an atom is missing at a regul by dislocations. point defect is said to have been formed. semiconductor Ahe negative ratio o Poisson’s ratio T class of material strain dividedelectrical conductivity as i increase in by the longitudinal strain increases. polarization Separation of positive an charge in a material, usually slope of the shear modulus G The by an electr vector sum of curve in the elastic regio shear strain all the dipoles in a materia The electron subshells are identified using an alphanumeric code in whichsizenumber The yield stress increases with decreasing grain the volume is the polarization. representsaccordingn to the letter gives the value of l using the following convention: the value of and the Petch-Hall equation. polycrystalline Describing a solid, usu s for l 0, p for l 1, d for l 2, and f for l 3. The Pauli exclu...
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