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Unformatted text preview: ipmagnetictype withstraintemporary,whichdeformation.and material— either npn thepnp — often used as an tetrahedral siteAscan be in Figure 2.7–1 for Ar,curve A position in a defined dipole drawing A processor which a metal wire i by in the initial field strength H atoms or molecules. shown a ents when theirto which a temporary dipole induces anotherA measure an temporary wire sputtering be can occur inmagnetic elastic portion of a stress-strain of the linked degree the polymerization equation of thein mers intensity of neighbors. the The dipole form .re considered averageformed when displaced acrossare constantly innumberareamomentarily arranged block copolymer AA processconsisting inert A in which polymer boundary tha when the conventional Arrheniuselectrons, which Any slip planeThis isof dislocation passes throughtwist boundary its diameter. of tw nearestequation is motion, pulled a die to reducetoward a target from w intersects the stress-strainexperience a curve. s than orof a load 3. equal to adjacent to formTheexternalcharge distribution. The temporary dipolepolymer atom. the polymer; the molecular two dipoles of an asymmetric R . then equation states that the e result which of screw occurs in long like si so as to produceover xp slip magnetic field. weight of the can thento the mers in then accelerateddislocations ofsequenc grid each mer plane. tion of a single C thermalthe QforTmaterials slip direction is parallel induce C0 a e capacitance The extrinsic counterpart This that yield strength atom. TheThedipoles do not exhibit coulombicof a “sharp” yield point straina yp coulombic force by the induction the dislocation experience degree of force molecule.AsreleasedThe the displacements aro ium state, but one that divided an adjacent Ar another dipole in of attraction. two A measuremer. then of the a are result and strain at whichadeform fibers. molecular magnetic vector of B of transported to work variableBurgers bonding is responsible of behavior. C increase...
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