Tensile specimen that figure 221 in the planetary or

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Unformatted text preview: terial. tensile specimen that Figure 2.2–1, in the planetary or Bohr model of having a weaker influence). As shown inhas been fractured. recrystallization temperature which all electrons have the same n and The temperature at an atom the electrons are arranged in subshells transformation, during cooling, peritectic reaction The in l values and, therefore, approximately occurs energy. some specified which recrystallization the same within of a solid and a liquid phase isothermally and reversibly time, frequently one hour. into a solid having a different composition from either B reduction potentialor solida phase. of the reactivity of a A measure the initial liquidohr model for Zn atom metal that is useful for predicting the severity of some peritectoid reaction The transformation, during types of corrosion.solid phases isothermally and reversibly cooling, of two into a (cathodic) reaction An electrochemical Electrons reduction solid having a different composition from either of the that solids. reactioninitial results in a decrease in the concentration of permanent dipole A molecule in which the spatial electrons. Nucleus is always center refraction of positive chargeof 2s 2p The bending 1s a light different from that of ray as it passes from 3s the negative charge. 3p 4s one medium into another. 3d permeability The materials property that relates the refractive index Speed of light in vacuum strength H. divided by magnetic induction B, to the magnetic field the speed of light in a medium; sine of the angle of permittivity See dielectric constant. incidence divided by the sine of the angle of refraction; a Petch-Hall measure of the equation of Equation that provides the amount light reflected from a dielectric relationship between the grain size and the yield stress. surface. v v 798 Glossary electrochemical plating An electrochemical process of depositing a thin metal coating. The workpiece is the pg026 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer ak 12-25-97 pgm 1-14-98 cathode and the coating mat...
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