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The structures the developmentlocated in the is that

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Unformatted text preview: re used as the space-filling repeating pattern that for interstitial solid solution equivalent to the depth of theA solid bond-energy well. the structures. the developmentlocated in the is that the ions workpiece. ions arevapor depositi more atoms or atoms or ions of a foreign ions. An alternate explanation for species are of a repulsive force chemical placed at each bond-energy curvespace (the hard sphere model) and resist being that to occupy (bond-energy well) The curve forced close-packed two gases areA crystallo direction occupy a finite amount of energy bond The amount of energy required to move rule An equation that enables interstitial positions. chemically lever describes the two atoms or ions to a infinite separation a smaller volume. energy associated withan pair of atoms or distance. crystal along which atoms touch. a It is coating of phases presen intrinsic conduction theElectrical conduction in pure forced closer relative amounts of two the reaction p The magnitude of the of force increases rapidly the ions are ions as a function repulsivedistance between as bond-energy well. and equivalent onethe and GaAs. the two atoms close-packed the workpiece. plane closer together. Expressing this in to Ge, many possible formalisms: of depth of the semiconductors such as Si, mixture in terms of theA crystallograp compositions or ions. crystal present. bond-energy curve (bond-energyare zero The curve that on which each atomdirection s well) K close-packed contacts phases invariant reaction A reaction is which there Fr x (2.4–2) bond-force curve Thethe energy associated with a pair of atoms or curve that describes the m describes x close-packed a crystal alongA crystal structures which ato degrees of between the total force between two atoms relationshipfreedom.as a function of the distance between the two line compound A compound whos haffer rps 01-20-98 m rps type in which the spherical atoms are MP ions atoms where K and m are constants and m 2 (a common experimental value for is 12). close-packed plane A independent of...
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