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Unformatted text preview: ical consists resulting in the desired G1 7-27060 /the IRWIN / Schaffer fiber composition. passivation A corrosion surface condition under which quantum number One of four positive shift in its a material displays a significant values, three of which are integers and the other is 1⁄2, that together determine Chapter 2 Atomic Scale Structures reduction potential. the energy and many other important characteristics of Pauli exclusion principle A quantum mechanics quantum numbers.1 within an atom. an electron stating that no two interactingsuccessful in explaining a concept While the wave equation is extremely electrons can have great many aspects of the properties of electrons, the physicist Wolfgang Pauli found that the same of recombination an electron required the specification of anelectron value An interaction between an additional and a complete description four quantum numbers. associated with electron “spin.” This fourth quantum number, ms , can only take on values a hole that results in the loss of both chargealternate pearlite A two-phase microstructure of carriers. of 1 . Another outcome of Pauli’s work, known as the Pauli exclusion principle, states 2 ferrite The reduction of some four values for their quantum that recovery and cementite lamellaesame of the in someenergy no two interacting electrons may have the occurring stored steels. numbers. Thus, each forms by the decomposition of austenite. Pearlite electron in an atom has a unique set of four quantum numbers that introduced by cold-working a material. completely describe its characteristics. One of percent reduction in area (%RA) the this change in and the main reasons for Process involving The text is that area recrystallization introducing quantum numbers in nucleationthey can be used to divided by the original area (expressed electrons in an atom. The characterize the energy levels and arrangement of the in percent) of a growth of new, strain-free grains and quantum numbers (with m energy of an electron is primarily a function of its nin a l deformed ma...
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