Uinier and g d preston point defect a mistake in th

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Unformatted text preview: phase isothermally and reversiblymetals solid and a liquid metals to higher –melting-point is said to have undergone plastic into by solid having a different composition from either a dipping the latter in a molten bath of the former. figuration in which an Secondary pn junction diode A microelec +– the initial liquid or solid phase.bond hot isostatic + – pressing A process carried out at a high lowest-energy subshells posed of adjacent layers of p-typ temperature and The transformation, during usion principle. peritectoid reaction pressure to increase the density of green conductors that serves to pass cur compacts during powder processing. cooling, of two solid phases isothermally and reversibly Solute-rich coherent while (essentially) blocking curren into Hume-Rothery Temporary dipoleA left can of rulesfromthe formation a solid having a rules different at set induce a dipole in composition for either of is commemorative and direction. is a van der the initial solids. a neighboring Ar atom; resultAr They incorporate relative of substitutionalWaals bond between the two atoms solid solutions. uinier and G. D. Preston, point defect A “mistake” in th FIGURE 2.7–1 Formation of a permanent dipole temporary moleculeatom can induce a dipole in anof the atomic A dipole in an Ar sizes, bond character,Waals bond. in which the spatial Ar atom. This a single atom, ion, lattice site, or and electronegativity adjacent ted the occurrence of these type of secondary bond is known as a van der center of positive charge is always different from that of species being considered. stages of decomposition in example, if an atom is missing at the negative charge. y. The general use of the hydrogen bond A type of in H2 O, H2 S, bond in which a Figure 2.7–2 shows the charge distribution secondary and NH3 . These molecules point defect is said to have been f permeability atom The materials of positive charge (indicated by the symbol o include solute-rich are permanent dipoles, because their center property that relates the hydrogen is...
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