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Unformatted text preview: are reacted The dielectricmatter a metal alkoxides thermal properties of make with water to charge when relationships between electric field. occurs before reaching the ultimate v v ting phase that is or ion ron of an atom the structure under G1 pg049 [R] rbon martensite forms either the same or a d to low temperatures. nmetallic materials hases having d solution in which bon located in the are martensite; hence, e term martensite to piezoelectric effect The produc the reinforcement phase consists of small particles. pg050 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer pgm 1-19-98 current passivation A corrosion surface condition under which plm 3-21-98 MPbrought about by changin dimensions, usually with stress. a material displays a significant positive shift in its Pilling-Bedworth (PB) ratio T reduction potential. one mole of oxide divided by the 50 Part I Pauli Fundamentals principle A quantum mechanics exclusion consumed to create one mole of o concept stating that no two interacting electrons can have haffer rps 01-20-98 rps QC1 pitting corrosion A highly loca the same four quantum numbers. usually involving oxygen concentr pearlite A two-phase microstructure of alternate Isolated Ar atom (center charge result from surface deposits of co + ferrite and cementite lamellae asof positivenegative charge) same occurring in some steels. center of stagnant pools of electrolyte locat Pearlite forms by the decomposition of austenite. sections of metal. percent reduction in area (%RA) The change in area Glossary planar density The number of divided by the original toarea (expressed motion, occasionally of a Due statistical nature of electron in percent) on a crystallographic plane per un the center of negative charge is spatially tensile specimen that has been fractured. different than the center of positive charge (i.e., a temporary dipole) plastic deformation Deformati hot dipping process used for applying cooling, or the next stage of peritectic reaction A The transformation, duringcoatings of for example, a metal part that ha ressing. of alow–melting-point...
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