The solution so formed is thermoplastic polymer a

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Unformatted text preview: tigue cycle to the ultimate strength and the number of fatigue cycles to failure. the thermal conductivity divided by the product of the unified life-cycle cost engineering A cost analysis It is common to define fatigue life in terms of the modulus ratio, E E0 , because loss of heat capacity at constant pressure multiplied by density.failure. procedure that considers the overall cost of a piece of stiffness in many composite structural applications constitutes functional equipment including its manufacturing cost and also the As discussed earlier, high stresses are generated cracking caused by time a comthermal fatigue A mechanism of at the interfaces every posite containingstresses that aresignificantly different coefficients of thermal expancomponents with induced by thermal fluctuations. operating cost during service. fatigue sion is subjected to a temperature change. If repeated heating and cooling are part of a uniform corrosion A common type of electrochemica thermal shock A thermal fatigue can that This phenomenon affects component’s service duty cycle, failure mechanism occur.can result corrosion resulting from a time-varying change in the when a brittle material is subjected to a sudden change the interfaces most significantly because the thermal fatigue shear stresses obtain their | v location of the local anodic regions. (usually a decrease) in temperature. thermodynamics The science dealing with the uniform strain u The strain in a specimen that relationships between the thermal properties of matter of Contents occurs before reaching the ultimate tensile strength. Textbook Table e-Text Main Menu v pg603 [R] sites normally occupied by A. The solution so formed is thermoplastic polymer A polymer composed of said to / Schaffer G1 7-27060 / IRWIN be a substitutional solid solution of B in A. iq long-chain13.01.98 plm oftenQC2 molecules plm composed of a covalently superalloys FCC alloys containing nickel, cobalt, iron, bonded backbone and various side groups. These and chromium strengthened with a fine dispersion of macromolecules can be heated to form a melt repeatedly. Ni3(Al, Ti) precipitates. thermoset polymer 603 A polymer (usually composed of a Chapter 14 Composite Materials superconductivity A state of matter in which there is three-dimensional network of covalently bonded atoms) no resistance to the motion of electrical charge carriers. that does not melt when reheated. supercooled liquid A liquid that is below its thermotie line Horizontal line drawn on a phase diagram in a 1.0 dynamic melting temperature. A supercooled liquid is two-phase field connecting the composition of the two metastable at best and may crystallize at any time. phases in equilibrium. σ max = 110 MPa supercooling Cooling below a transformation tilt boundary A boundary composed of edge E/E0 temperature without the transformation occurring. 0.8 dislocations of the same sign stacked vertically above on another. As a result of all of the extra half planes being surface tension Energy...
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