During polymerization corresponding to all side

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Unformatted text preview: .e., Af Ac V solubility V , the previous equathe corresponding volumeand hence completef and Am Ac atm every at lower frequencies. tion can be rewritten as: composition. machining A process by which excess material is Vf (14.5–6) isostrain fAn assumption in the analysis of composites c m Vm removed by plastic shearing. in which the interface is the matrix are considered to be If we assumethe fiber and “perfect” in that no sliding occurs between the fiber and magnetic domains Microscopic regions of a ferri- o matrix, then to identical strain levels. It is the result of a subjected ferromagnetic crystal in which all of the internal magn load being applied parallel to the fibers. (14.5–7) c f m dipoles are aligned with one another. isostress where c , f , andAn are the strains inin the analysis of and matrix. Equation 14.5–7, m assumption the composite, fiber, composites known as the isostrain and the matrix are considered valid when the loading magnetic field strength H A measure of the intensi in which the fiber condition, is usually assumed to be to be of the external magnetic field. subjected to identical stress. It is the result of a load being applied perpendicular to the fibers. magnetic induction B A measure of the degree of e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents magnetism resulting from a given external magnetic fie isotactic Configuration of a vinyl polymer established | | strength. during polymerization corresponding to all side groups positioned on the same side of the backbone. magnetic susceptibility The constant of proporisotropic Characterized by properties that are tionality that relates the magnetization M to the magne independent of the direction in which they are measured. field strength H. 598 EXAMPLE 14.5–1 Estimate the elastic modulus of a uniaxial epoxy-glass fiber composite in the longitudinal and transverse directions given the following data: Em 3.0 GPa, Ef 70 GPa, and Vf 0.60. Compare your result with the data in Figure 14.5–4. Solution From Equation 14.5–9, the longitudinal elastic modulus is given by: Ecl 70 GPa 0.6 3 GPa 0.4 43.2 GPa From Equation 14.5–13, the transverse modulus is given by: 1 Ect 0.6 70 GPa 0.4 3 GPa or Ect 7.05 GPa ....................................................................................................................................... | v v pg598 [V] G2 crystal An invariant reaction A reaction is which there are zero liquidphases present. anisotropic fluid ionic bond A type of primary bond involving solution characterized by molecular a degrees of freedom. line compound A compoun 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer iq 13.01.98 plm QC2 rps MP electronegative and electropositive atoms that display a liquidindependent of temperature. de metal embrittlement A ion implantation A process in which values significant difference in their electronegativityions of light in which a liquid metal preferentially elements linear (usually EN such.7). boron and nitrogen are made to impinge boundaries indensity The number 1 as a solid. on the surface of the wor...
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