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Unformatted text preview: d transported to stones in That the most are are anisotropic. On the other hand, particle-reinforced coma workpiece where they dislocation responsiblefiber-reinforced composites during service. for theoperating cost released matrixslip cement. deposited. of he matrix. ermal fluctuations. posites such as concreteare nearly isotropic in behavior. As shown in Figure 14.2–1, are concreteuniformmixture ofThefault common type ofgravel stones stacking contains a corrosion band of variation in electrochemical conduction band (small) sand particles and (large)the normal in a cement urface can m that of a result stacking A A permissible electron ne on which a dislocation moves bythe particles are nearly spherical and are mixed randomly, all directions matrix. Since corrosion resulting from a time-varying change in the sequences a Burgers vector withinunit levels located above, but separated by the band mical thesudden change and energy composite are equivalent. of close-packed planes. For example, in FCC the the crystals the normal stacking location valence band. gap from, theof the weight-conscious,regions. sequencematerials with high. . , the surface to The aerospace industry is local anodic and therefore requires is ABCABC . some region of picture specific strength and stiffness. Figure 14.2–2 shows a the crystal the stacking is and ing with the slip direction and slip Harrier aircraft uin which composites account of the vertical takeoff uniform and if intrinsic materials property of the mbination of conductivity strain n in The strain in a specimen that structural A landing AV-88 for 28% that ABCBCABC . . . , that region is said to contain a perties occurs mation can occur. For example, in the ease withincrease maneuverability, and may provide the capabilweight, describes before reaching the ultimate tensile strength. d with of matter weight. Composites savestacking which electric charge is fault. ity to avoid detection. 1 1 1) is a slip system and the radar throughFigure 14.2–3 shows the composite partsexternal transported a material in response to an in a commercial s the shape state point Temperature, pressure, and composition of Boeing 757 aircraft. ems is represented by 〈1 1 0〉 1 1 1 . electric field. aspecific strength versus specific modulus for a number of comFigure 14.2–4 shows phase. A process by which fibers are conventional materials. The materials in the top right hand corner of the plot posite and conductor A statichigh specific stiffness and specific a high Fibrous commetal, degradation sion in which matrix material by passingdesirable because ofmaterial, oftenAachemical with strength.mechanism are the fiber their fatigue involving the rupture of Si-O bonds due conductivity. These materials are able to transport to discussed in ace, causing ic slurry containing theposite materials score consistently higher than conventional materials. As an interaction ceramic Chapter 9, the elastic moduluswater at room temperature. while strength can be id, and an organic binder. electrical charge with is fixed for a given class of metals,...
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