Long range order is established within congruent

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Unformatted text preview: u | v v M | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents Glossary pg582 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer iq 12.01.98 plm QC2 rps MP v v crystalline material A material tha conformation The arrangement of the rotatable bonds and repeating atomic or molecular arr within a molecule. long-range order is established within congruent melting The equilibrium melting reaction 582 Part III Properties Curie temperature The temperatu that occurs when a solid phase transforms to a liquid ferromagnetic material exhibits param phase having identical composition. Since F and l are constant, the lightest arm will be from a material with the highest u value. What changes if we require fixed stiffness? If the stiffnessof S, then, is nearest characteristics. coordination number The number 4 d S Czochralski method A process by neighbors that surround an atom or ion. I 64 E crystal of Si of a predetermined orien core band A band of electron energy levels that is Solving this expression for d yields: from a melt of Si. (usually) completely filled and is located closer to the 0 .25 S d 2 deep drawing A process by which nucleus 2thanE either the valence or conduction bands. of metal is shaped into a cup by mech core this value into Those electrons that Substitutingelectrons the equation for mass gives: are contained degree of polymerization The num within the filled inner shells of an atom. M 2l S 0.5 0.5 to form a polymer; the molecular wei E coring Variation in the solute distribution of a single 0.5 divided by the molecular weight of th The phase arm with a specified stiffness is one with the highest Coring occurs customary, lightest due to nonequilibrium solidification. value of E . It is however, to provide the data in the form of E , as in Figure 14.2–4. degrees of freedom The number of because the composition of the solid and the liquid are ....................................................................................................................................... variables necessary to specify equilibr not the same at a specific temperature. 14.3 GENERAL CONCEPTS dendrite A treelike structure in a s corrosion fatigue A degradation mechanism in which formed due to the pattern of latent he corrosion and mechanical fatigue occur simultaneously In this section we consider the features of reinforcement and matrix materials, and the properties of the interface between them, which are more serious than for the uncollectively responsible solidification. and their synergistic effects are much usual characteristics of composites. Before discussing these features, however, it is useful would be predicted from their separate effects. devitrification A high-temperature to consider the mechanics of fiber strengthening in composites. certain oxide glasses to convert the st coulombic force Name given to the electrostatic force 14.3.1 Strengthening by Fiber Reinforcement crystalline ceramics. that develops between charged species. The magnitude of In most force is proportional to the charges offibers two species unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites, the the do not run co...
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