Mposite products such as i beams only vf vm 1

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Unformatted text preview: s the ability of a material to resist, or oppose, the scientists and engineers have spent a good part of their time predicting material propere eutectoid transformation transport of electrical charge in response to an external ties. This section presents some elementary approaches for estimating properties of electric field. composite materials. For simplicity, we limit our discussion to properties of unidirectional fiber –reinforced composites. The first ferrite that forms when Important factors in any A process in which the thickness of a volume a rolling model for predicting composite properties are the flat plate quenched through the austenite fraction of fibers reduced by compressing it betweenthe fiber diameter (d). and is Vf , the volume fraction of the matrix Vm , and two cylindrical and held at a temperature below rolls. 14.5.1 Estimation of Fiber Diameter, Volume Fraction, and mation temperature. rubber A noncrystalline or amorphous fluidlike Density of the Composite ess in which resin-impregnated material that is above its glass transition temperature at In an ideal two-component composite, the fiber and matrix volume fractions are related ugh heated dies to make long the by the equation: temperature of interest, usually room temperature. mposite products such as I-beams. Only Vf Vm 1 polymers can be rubbers. (14.5–1) s for making carbon and ceramic equation assumes nomixturesa unidirectional composite the fiber volume fraction rule of porosity. In A formula that expresses the This is equal to thecomposite occupied by fibers a linear sum plane. Figure 14.5–1 area fraction properties as in the transverse of the constituent mer precursor fiber containing the shows a picture of a transverse plane obtained by sectioning a small sample of a coms heated to temperatures high properties weighted with a simple image analysis respective posite. Vf can be determined by using a PC in proportion to theirprogram such as ical changes resulting in the desired Photoworkshop. Notice in Figure 14.5–1 that the fiber diameter and spacing vary Adobe volume fractions. significantly as a result of the manufacturing process. The densitysacrificial anode be determined by a cathodic of mixtures as of the composite, c , can A version of simple rule protection One of four values, three of which follows: involving the intentional formation of a galvanic cell by 1⁄2, that together determine ther is Vf f Vm another, more anodic metal in electrical contact (14.5–2) placing m c other important characteristics of where f is the with the metalis the matrix density. The rule of mixtures can be used fiber density and m to be protected. to calculate any composite property that does not depend on the spatial relationship of its atom. Schmid’s law The equation that relates the orientation components. interaction between an electron and of a crystal and the normal stress to the shear stress at the loss of both charge carriers. 14.5.2 Estimation of Elastic Modulus and Strength which plastic deformation occurs. ction of some of the stored energy this section, we derive simple relationships for estimating theanion vacancy In Schottky defect Small cation and elastic modulus and strength of uni...
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