Piezoelectric effect the production of current

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Unformatted text preview: ists of according to the and in pleasure boat hulls. various thermosetting resins and, more recently, thermoplastic polymers reinforced by phase A homogeneous portion of matter bounded by glass, carbon, boron, or organic fibers. The mechanical and physical properties of some a surface so that it is typical PMCs are listed in Table 14.4–1.mechanically separate from any other portion. phase diagram A graphical representation showing the phase or phases present Menu given composition Contents | | e-Text Main for a | Textbook Table of as a function of temperature. phosphorescence Luminescence that persists more than 10 8 s after the stimulus is removed. photoconductivity An increase in electrical conductivity brought about by photostimulation. photolithography A process that utilizes ultravioletlight–sensitive polymers to etch small devices on an integrated chip. photovoltaic Describing production of stimulation with light or electromagnetic usually in solid-state devices. 593 physical vapor deposition (PVD) A p vapor-phase particles of the coating mate created and then deposited on the workp thin, uniform coating. piezoelectric effect The production of current brought about by changing a mat dimensions, usually with stress. Pilling-Bedworth (PB) ratio The volu one mole of oxide divided by the volume consumed to create one mole of oxide. pitting corrosion A highly localized fo usually involving oxygen concentration g result from surface deposits of contamina stagnant pools of electrolyte located on h sections of metal. planar density The number of atoms o on a crystallographic plane per unit area plastic deformation Deformation that for example, a metal part that has been p is said to have undergone plastic deforma pn junction diode A microelectronics posed of adjacent layers of p-type and nconductors that serves to pass current in while (essentially) blocking current in the direction. point defect A “mistake” in the mater a single atom, ion, lattice site, or interstit example, if an atom is missing at a regula point defect is said to have been formed. Poisson’s ratio The negative ratio o strain divided by the longitudinal strain i polarization Separation of positive an charge in a material, usually by an electr vector sum of all the dipoles in a materia volume is the polarization. polycrystalline Describing a solid, usu joined crystals or grains. polymer Engineering material compos high–molecular-weight molecules. These usually have either a linear (chain) struct three-dimensional network structure. polymer-matrix composites Composit which the matrix material is a polymer. polymorphic Allotropic; capable of m crystal structure. powder metallurgy A process consisti very small particles of metallic powders solidating them in the form of near-net-s components. pg594 [V] G2 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer Part III 12.01.98 plm QC2 rps MP1 Properties TABLE 14.4–1 Properties of some typical MMC and PMC composites in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Fiber Al Ti–6Al–4V Al–Li Epoxy B SiC Al2 O3 E-glass (unidirectional) 2-D glass cloth...
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