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Unformatted text preview: whiskers, or fibers in a matrix that formation of a galvanic piecesby 1⁄2, that together determine electrolyte. provides them with lateral an electric field. in occur naturally. Examples include placingpresence of support. Many composites electrical contact another, more anodic metal wood, which essentially consists of cellulose fibers in a matrix of hemicellulose and lignin; ortant characteristics of with the metal composites of soft and bones, which areto be protected. protein collagen and hard minerals called apatites. However, the majorityequation that relates the with unique properties Schmid’s law The of advanced composite materials orientation are synthetic. These are the focus of discussion in this chapter. n between an electron and of a crystal and the normal stress to the shear stress at f both charge carriers. which plastic deformation occurs. ome of the stored energy Textbook Table of vacancy Schottky e-Text Main Small |cation and anionContents | | defect Menu aterial. clusters that are formed in ionic solids. The cation : anion ratio in these clusters is adjusted to maintain olving the nucleation and electroneutrality. ns in a deformed material. screw dislocation A dislocation that may be formed by The temperature at making a cut in a crystal and displacing the top half of within some specified the cut region relative to the bottom half in a direction parallel to the cut. The Burgers vector of a screw ure of the reactivity of a dislocation is parallel to the dislocation line. ing the severity of some divided by the area of the plane in are annihilated. force divided by the instantaneous boundary The phase boundary that separates true t than they stress solvusThe ced raised tempering. is bystresses are responsible area normalsingle-phase solidforce. from two-phase solid regions. Shear for to the applied regions A chemical substance (element or pg579 7-27060 / IRWIN iq 12.01.98 ecule igh enough to the G1 component / Schaffer tions. in which [R] specific heat Heat capacity per unit twin A portion of a the composition of anmass. compound) used to specify crystal in which all of the atoms alloy. omentarily different of The local arrangement specific modulus compared with atoms in are in mirror-image positions Elastic modulus divided by the composites Materials formed by combining two or s or ions around a centrally located at are unable the bulk of density of the material. the crystal. ystal defined by four more basic materials instrength one material, called the divided by Chapter strength specific which Ultimate tensile 14 Composite Materials acture twist phase, is A loads. with cubic symmetry in boundary in A boundary that is composed of a crystal For reinforcing the form of fibers, sheets, or the density of the material. al grid materials have been developed in response on the need of screw dislocations the same man-made ns are locatedof all eight corner embedded in another of like signcalled the for plane. at Composite particles spheroidite A material, microstr...
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