Subjected the direction in which the are measured vf

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Unformatted text preview: strength H A mea in which theshows that in the matrix are consideredFtoand Ac Af Am . be Figurecomposition. and this loading condition, Fc 14.5–2b fiber Ff m A process external magnetic field. by wh Since isostrain result is stress. It is in the analysis of composites of themachining F A, identical subjected to the An assumption the result of a load removed by plastic shearing. (14.5–11) being applied the fiber and the the fibers. considered to be c f m magnetic induction B A measure in which perpendicular to matrix are magnetic domains Microsc Therefore, when the load is perpendicular to the fibers,is the result are a magnetism resulting from a given ex subjected to identical strain levels. It we have what of isotactic Configuration of a vinyl polymer established known as isostress conditions. Combining the previous two equations gives: ferromagnetic crystal in which strength. load being applied parallel to the fibers. during polymerization corresponding to all side groups c f m dipoles are aligned positioned Vf the same side of the backbone. of composites magnetic susceptibility withToneco on V (14.5–12) he a isostress Anmassumption in the analysis c f m magnetic field strength H isotropic Characterized by properties that are tionality that relates the magnetizatio in which the fiber and the matrix are considered to be Noting that 1 E and substituting into the previous equation gives: of the H. independent ofto identical stress. It is theyresult of a load field strengthexternal magnetic field. subjected the direction in which the are measured. Vf Vm 1 being applied perpendicular to the fibers. (14.5–13) magnetic induction B A m Ect Ef Em magnetism resulting from a gi isotactic Configuration of a vinyl polymer established V Ect is known as the transverse, or isostress, composite modulus. Since Ef Em, and f strength. during polymerization corresponding to all little groups Vm , we find Vf Ef f Vm Em . Hence, fiber modulus has relatively side influence on Ect . If, as shown in Figure 14.5–3, the load is neither parallel nor perpendicular to the fiber positioned on the same side of the backbone. magnetic susceptibility T direction but instead forms an angle with the fibers, the composite’s elastic modulus, Ec , Characterized tionality that relates the magne varies isotropic with , as shown in Figure 14.5–4. by properties that are independent of the direction in which they are measured. field strength H. ....................................................................................................................................... | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents pg599 [R] G1 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer iq Chapter 14 Fiber Matrix 13.01.98 plm QC1 rps MP Composite Materials 599 y ≡ (transverse direction) Loading direction θ Loading direction x ≡ Fiber direction (longitudinal direction) FIGURE 14.5–3 A unidirectional composite system with the x axis oriented along the fiber axis, y axis in the transverse directi...
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