Ther semiconductor a class of materials that show an

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Unformatted text preview: axial compositesare formed in ionic solids. The cation We orking a material. clusters that using the properties of the constituent materials. : anion ratio in these clusters is adjusted to maintain rocess involving the nucleation and FIGURE 14.5–1 electroneutrality. -free grains in a deformed material. Photomicrograph of the screw dislocation A dislocation that may be formed by perature Thetransverse plane of a com-at temperature posite containing alumina making a cut in a crystal and displacing the top half of n occurs within fibers (dark circles) in a masome specified the cut region relative to the bottom half in a direction trix of Al-Li alloy. The pichour. ture shows the distribution parallel to the cut. The Burgers vector of a screw A measure of of fiber reactivity of a the diameters as well the distances dislocation is parallel to the dislocation line. r predicting theasseverity between of some fibers. (Source: Reprinted self-diffusion The mechanism by which a species with permission from A. M. Gokhale.) diffuses in itself. reaction An electrochemical semicoherent interface An interface separating two n a decrease in the concentration of phases where the differences in the atomic arrangements of the atoms forming the interface can be accommodated ding of a light ray as it passes from by dislocations. ther. semiconductor A class of materials that show an peed of light in vacuum divided by e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | | increase in electrical conductivity as the temperature a medium; sine of the angle of increases. the sine of the angle of refraction; a shear modulus G The slope of the shear stress versus nt of light reflected from a dielectric shear strain curve in the elastic region. MP v v pg597 [R] factors that affect them, including the influence of tim miniature digital computer known as a microprocessor. G1 interfacial polarization 7-27060 / IRWIN / Schaffer iq 12.01.98 plm QC2 rps MP1 on phase transformations. The accumulation of mobile charge in the regions near grain boundaries or surfaces. laminate composites Composites made from stackin several laminae in a predetermined sequence of fiber intermetallics Stoichiometric compounds with orientation. characteristic metal atom ratios such as AlLi, Chapter 14 Composite Materials Ni3 Al, 597 Al3 V, AlSb, CuZn, Ti3 Al, and Mg 2 S. Larsen-Miller parameter A parameter employed in FIGURE of creep. It may be used at a given stress t the analysis 14.5–2 interstices The regions between atoms that are defined Fc = Ff + Fm Fc Schematic of a determine how unidirec- the part will last at a given long by at least four atoms or ions. Interstices in crystals are Force tional composite loaded by (load) temperature(a) in to axial or the determine the maximum allowable usually tetrahedral or octahedral. Fm Ff a force F: direction, for in fixed time duration. temperatureand (b) a the interstitial A point defect consisting of an atom or ion transverse direction. Fiber lattice Three-dimensional space-filling repeatin...
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