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Psychology 12 Spring 2008 Review Sheet, Exam 1

Psychology 12 Spring 2008 Review Sheet, Exam 1 - Pg 16-21...

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Psychology 12, Spring 2008 Dr. Mitchel D. Rose Review Sheet for Exam 1 Exam 1 will consist of 50 multiple choice items. You should have plenty of time to process them all. All of the lecture material will be covered on the exam, so you should definitely review your notes on the lectures and class presentations. For the Case Studies, no more than one question per case will be on the exam, and you will have redundant information to cue you in to the cases. Know the main features and treatments of the cases. For the textbook, be sure to emphasize the Concept Checks, Key Terms and the chapter Summary for each of the assigned chapters. Below is further information to help you in your study emphasis. Most of the textbook questions will come from the emphasized material. Chapter 1: Pg. 6-7 Clinical Descriptions Pg. 13-14 Biological Tradition
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Unformatted text preview: Pg. 16-21 Psychoanalytic Model Pg. 22-25 Behavioral Model Chapter 2: Pg. 34-40 Genetic Contributions Pg. 41-53 Neuroscience, particularly neurotransmitters and synaptic mechanisms Pg. 54-60 Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, particularly Learned Helplessness Chapter 3: Pg. 70-71 Key Concepts in Assessment, particularly reliability, validity and standardization Pg. 83-85 Neuroimaging Pg. 90-93 DSM IV Chapter 4: Pg. 103-115 Types of research methods Chapter 5: Entire chapter is very important, but especially pg. 123-127, Causes of Anxiety Disorders Chapter 6: Less important than Chapter 5, but entire chapter is worthwhile and DID, pp. 191-196 is very important Chapter 16: Less important than other chapters, but be sure you are up on: Pg. 546-551 Civil Commitment Pg. 556-558 Patients’ Rights...
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