Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl - California ← Soil Conservation Service(SCS...

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Dust Bowl 11/5/2007 03:02:00 PM Dry Farming-fine mulch as topsoil  Silicosis-silicon in the lungs Lorenz-The Plow that Broke the Planes Causes of Dust Bowl o Land not meant for planting: high wind, lack of water, high sunlight Lorenz and the use of the plains o Don’t farm, cattle graze  WWI effect on the Plains o Initial prosperity, from the increase in profit from wheat sales during the  war; went on to destroy the land with the abuse of the land Role of Government  o Responsible for the Dust Bowl? They encouraged the the farming of  the land, persuading the use of the plains. o Dry farming techniques place blame on the farmers, for the actual  decimation of the land o Ignorance What happened when the Dust Bowl starts o Farmers are affected most heavily, forced off their land many move to 
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Unformatted text preview: California ← Soil Conservation Service (SCS) 1935 • Set up test farms over the plains and show farmers techniques to prevent another Dust Bowl o Contour plowing-follow the natural lines of the earth, don’t plow over hills o Terracing o Windbreaks-perpendicular to the winds ← Penny Auctions ← Farmer’s Holiday • Withhold crops from market, enough to feed the people but not enough to create a surplus of wheat and lower prices ← Le Mars Iowa • Judge Charles C. Bradley is dragged out of his courthouse, strung up with a noose until he no longer forecloses farms by 600 rogue farmers 02/11/2007 15:17:00 ← 02/11/2007 15:17:00 ←...
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Dust Bowl - California ← Soil Conservation Service(SCS...

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