Gilded Age to Progressive Era copy

Gilded Age to Progressive Era copy - Gilded Age to...

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Unformatted text preview: Gilded Age to Progressive Era 10/19/2007 12:47:00 AM How the term came to be Twain and Charles Dudley Warner write book called the gilded age criticizing the way the government and businesses being run Define Culture-religion tradition values lifestyles folkways language Culture is in essence a homogenous group of people think Germans French Anglo Saxons Problem: America is a melting pot, they are NOT homogenous Dominant Group White, Christian/Protestants, all claim this imaginary past a connection to a more proper(?) past of their heritage. The contradiction comes in that the past has no real connection to the present The current Americans are looking towards England on how to act, for mannerisms, for their culture W.A.S.P. White Anglo Saxon Protestant (male) The man is the one who goes out and supports the family and holds the political power within the household Men and women have different spheres or roles that they play in society Women were seen as fragile and therefore had their own responsibilities o raise and educate children o provide comfort for the husband o domestic duties: cleaning, cooking, buying food Very sexually reserved society; sex is for reproduction only o Though out west prostitution ran rampant among women who had no household Ideas and hopes of becoming a Self Made Man think Bill Gates and Donald Trump o idea: work hard and become successful and rich o reality: you will generally stay in the same class in which you were born wealthy will stay wealth poor will stay poor Nouvveau Riche: New money-farmer in Texas finds oil on his land...
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Gilded Age to Progressive Era copy - Gilded Age to...

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