Biology 423 Winter 2013 Lecture 07

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Unformatted text preview: n browse intensity (%) 90 ratio(g/m Xe /Xc)], and2 SE of the log response ratio. Positive log response ratio values indic [log( 15 0 61.5 2.39 43.12 3.32 Willow CAG (g/m ) Songbird with partial wolf exclusion; negative values indicate that the parameter was greater in th 15 56.5 3 6.98 1.18 Willow browse removed (g/m2) 0.05. Calf:cow ratio, wolf kill rates, total number of1.05 ki elk boldface arediversity at P significant 55 .17 0.53 10.51 Songbirdnet browse production 10 15 2.5 36.98 2.4 Willow ...n series; thus, the log response ratio is the average of (X0/.93 over all i, where i 1 0.008, a e X c) 0.03 0.95 Evenness 10 (g/m2) Hebblewhite et al.1.8 2005 CAG is an abbreviation for current annual growth. 9.5 1.14 17.25 Abundance 10 Indirect interactions Wolves Elk Willows Elk Indirect (+) Willows A trophic cascade describes the direct negative effect of an apex predator on its prey, and the indirect positive effect of the apex predator on basal prey. Hebblewhite et al. 2005 Indirect interactions 21...
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