Biology 423 Winter 2013 Lecture 07

Five of the sites had either non saturating or satur

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Unformatted text preview: es location Species richness Species richness varied in individualrichness analyses. Five of the sites had either non-saturating or satur At two sites significant differences across different levels of diversity (ANOVA) provi effects regression. Variation in effects dotted line) showed no significant relationship between ab of FIG. 3. One richness and composition on plant productivity. (A) Experiments et al. 2005 plant species site (Greece, of plant species richness and composition Hooper in the trop on plant productiv Functional significance of biodiversity Performance Production Environmental condition 1 2 3 Species richness What do the results above suggest about the degree of niche overlap for species 1, 2, and 3? Performance Environmental condition Functional significance of biodiversity Plant biomass Species richness • Researchers must account for ‘sampling effect.’ Hooper et al. 2005 ESA REPORT 16 Functional significance of biodiversity Ecological V Abundance of species i Abundance of species i Abundance of species i FIG. 4. Simulated stabi...
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