Biology 423 Winter 2013 Lecture 07

Lines show hooper et al 2005 av functional signicance

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Unformatted text preview: s of how changing species diversity could affect ecosystem properties. Lines show Hooper et al. 2005 av- Functional significance of biodiversity Functional significance of biodiversity Aboveground biomass FIG. 3. Variation in effects of plant species richness and composition on plant productiv Treatments ran for five years and included four monocultures (two rotations [1st and 2nd] of cassava [Manihot esculenta], and one rotation of a tree, Cordia alliodora); a diverse ( 10 Aboveground following clearing and burning of original vegetation; a species-enriched (⇥120 species) biomass an imitation of succession that mimicked the plant life forms in the natural succession tre Monocultures were timed to coincide with growth phases of natural succession: maize du cassava during the shrub-dominated stage, and C. alliodora during the tree-dominated stage had both the highest and lowest overall productivity, and that the productivity of the success by further increases in species richness. This figure is modified from Ewel (1999). (B experiment. At several sites, plant productivity increased with increasing species richness Speci...
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