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Biology 423 Winter 2013 Lecture 07

Sousa 1979a coexistence the intermediate disturbance

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Unformatted text preview: petitive exclusion. Sousa 1979a Coexistence The intermediate disturbance hypothesis (IDH): Species richness Frequency of disturbance • Only tolerant species persist at high frequency; only competitive species persist at low frequency. Coexistence • Spatial heterogeneity can promote diversity by limiting niche overlap. • Temporal heterogeneity can promote diversity by interrupting competitive exclusion. Feb21 • Coexistence • Functional significance of biodiversity • Interaction webs • Indirect interactions Functional significance of biodiversity Biodiversity • Abundance • Species richness • Species evenness • Shannon-Weiner index Ecosystem function • Production • Carbon storage • Hydrology • Nutrient cycling Functional significance of biodiversity ative •pro Production-per-area increases with species richness. ccur iotic ingle f reoper idley Plant reas- biomass chave a reashose ston own y eft hy- Species richness FIG. 2. Theoretical example...
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