Missy BCOM275 Week 3 Work Culture Preferences

Missy BCOM275 Week 3 Work Culture Preferences - would fit...

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1 Career Plan Building Activity Work Culture Preferences Melissa McCarty BCOM/275 Dr. Tim Glaid December 17, 2012 After the completion of My Career Plan: Work Culture Preferences, my work culture could go in several directions. Based on over one-hundred questions given that narrow down what you would like in a job, I had to choose a ranking of “not at all” or “more likely”. The results returned that I focus on ethical, performance focused, and high powered work environments. Each one of the categories definitely fit me on a personal and business level. When it comes to ethical work culture, you have a focus on fairness as well as equal rights and justice. While also looking for a performance focused position, I am looking for a fast paced environment that continuously challenges me to push it to my limit. I would prefer to work in a demanding job market with opportunities for advancement.
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2 With knowing what my work culture results are and the type of environment that I
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Unformatted text preview: would fit best in, I am able to focus on achieving my goals while knowing how to communicate with others in the same culture that I am in. I will be able to focus on others that share the same culture results and communicate clearly. This activity allowed me to see what type of environment I would fit best in and what exactly I am looking for with my long term employment goals. Knowing what my work culture preferences are will help me become a better person and remain focused on my long term goals. It allows me to see that I am not the only person that categorizes my interests like this and what my ideal work culture would be. References: University of Phoenix (2012) University of Phoenix Work Culture Preferences. Retrieved on December 17, 2012 from: https://careers.phoenix.edu/career-plan/work-culture/survey/results.html...
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Missy BCOM275 Week 3 Work Culture Preferences - would fit...

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