April 7 2008 - of 100 light is as good as sunlight, Less...

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Electric Lighting Definitions - Light Fixture: Mechanical component that holds light source and projects light. It includes housing, reflectors, shades and electrical connections. - Specification sheet shows light distribution patterns and intensity. - Light Bulbs or Light sources : Device that produces light when electric current flows through it. - Light Source Properties o Light Intensety: Lumens o Power Consumption: Electric Power in watts to generate light output - Light Temperature: Number that indicates in degrees K o High Number ( Less than 4500 K) is Cool light o Low Number ( Greater than 4000K) is warm light - Color Rendering Index ( CRI) – How good the light showing true colors, CRI
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Unformatted text preview: of 100 light is as good as sunlight, Less than 100 not so good. General Types Of Light Bulbs--Incandescent o Hot filament in a glass bulb o Bulb o Cheap o Inefficient -Fluorescent o Light produced by an electric arc and phosphorus coating in bulb o Require a ballast o High efficiency ( 70 to 90 converted to light) o Compact Fluorescent ( CFL) mate to replace incandescent. o Tubes specified in terms of 1/8 th of an inch o More expensive o Cold Light-High intensity Discharge ( HID) o High voltage arc in a high pressure vapor. Typiclly sodiym or meatal halides o Very high efficiency o Cold light o CRI ranger from bad to average o Special consideration when installing...
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April 7 2008 - of 100 light is as good as sunlight, Less...

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