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OLDEST CHILD RESEARCH PAPER - Donnelly Brian Brian Donnelly...

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Donnelly, Brian Brian Donnelly English 101.164 Mrs. Rayne 29 November 2007 The Leader of The Pack Being the oldest child in the family is often associated with higher chances of success and an easier lifestyle. But being the oldest also comes with great responsibility and requires you to become the leader of the rest of your family. The oldest child is forced to set an example in school, lifestyle and sometimes sports that the younger children in the family will hopefully follow. Often the eldest acts as a third parent to his siblings and is revered as a role model to younger sisters, brothers and even cousins. The oldest child is automatically given great responsibility which can be a heavy load to bear, but with it comes lessons and skills that the younger members of the family don’t get. I am very aware of the blessings and curses associated with being the oldest child in a large family because I am at least three years older than everyone in mine. From a young age the younger children in my family looked up to me and it only got harder to deal with as I got older. My parents would often make it a point to remind me I had to set the example for everyone else not only at family gatherings but in everything I did. In particular, my sister and my younger male cousins worshiped the ground I walked on and hung on my every word. I had to give my best effort in everything I did which in turn benefited me and hopefully encouraged them to follow in my footsteps of achievement. My sister took my achievements as motivation and after I got into a private high school, began working diligently to do the same even though it wasn’t as easy for her as it was 1
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Donnelly, Brian for me. This impressed me and gave me a feeling of accomplishment because I knew then that all my work had not only helped me but had also encouraged my sister to achieve something she may not have been able to on her own.
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OLDEST CHILD RESEARCH PAPER - Donnelly Brian Brian Donnelly...

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